Carey Berry


I love the smell and feel of wet clay, the soft coolness of a piece as it slowly dries, the chemistry of glaze making, the excitement of waking up early to crack open a kiln as soon as it is cool enough to touch, heck- I even like sanding the bottoms of pieces to silky perfection. I hope that my functional ware will please you so much that you’ll always reach for it first, that my lamps will brighten your room and your life, and that you’ll keep coming by the studio to see what kind of mess I am making now.

Julia Davenport


Julia has been passionate about art since her childhood. Based in Lakewood, CO, she enjoys acrylic and watercolor painting and experimenting with bright, bold colors in relation to nature. In her free time, she teaches children’s art classes and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.

Anne Emmons

Painting | Greeting Cards | Assemblage

I work with watercolor, mineral pigments, egg tempera on board, found objects and other materials to translate the finds of the day into art.

Patricia Gaffney-Kindig

Mixed Media

My work reflects my love of light, the play between shapes and colors and spaces and the elegance of line. I use a variety of materials including dye saturated papers, wood and metals to create mixed media.

Lonnie Hanzon

Drawings | Paintings | Mixed Media

Much of my fie artwork is pieces of exploration and development for my larger projects.

Robert Hickler

Steel Sculpture

I make steel sculpture, large and small. I’ll have some medium-sized sculptures available for sale as well as examples of larger works available for commission.

Karla Kriss

Dryer Lint Art

I create one of a kind wall pieces out of Dryer Lint.  My imagery is portrait style of birds, dogs, cats, and even horses.  All the dryer lint I use is it’s natural color too!

Ann Lederer

Hand-dyed Silk | Mixed Media

Unique hand dyed silk designs for wearable art and wall hangings. Multimedia cards. Wall art, pillows, and Judacia

Pam Luwish

Macro Floral Photography

My subject matter is macro-photography. Extreme closeups of flowers and plants.

My photographs look deep inside to reveal color and light.

Scott Lyon

Paintings | Prints | Collaborations

Curious and mysterious shadow boxes. Wooden laser cut pop-ups. Strange brains and hearts in jars.

Heidi Murray

Neddle Felted

Needle felted fun for everyone. I make needle felted wool characters of my own vintage-inspired design and combine them with vintage elements to be truly unique.

Corey Silverman

Blown & Sculpted Glass Art

Blown and sculpted glass art with a focus on plant life and clouds.

My current work focuses on functionality with a modern aesthetic and sculptural work with shapes and images etched into the surface to show the multidimensionality  in each vessel or object.

Susan Ramsey

Handmade Purses

As a little girl, I was always searching through my mother’s fabric scraps to sew a new doll outfit. And by age nine, I was making clothes for me and my friends.

I call my handmade purses, “My Perfect Little Purse”. When I’m out and about I want my hands free, without being weighed down by a heavy bag. So I need an organized AND fashionable purse! I designed My Perfect Little Purse with a place for your cell phone, wallet, sunglasses and lots of little necessities. Sassy yet spacious!